Baptismal Preparation

Classes for new parents and godparents are offered four times a year, with individual sessions scheduled by appointment. Instruction is mandatory for first time parents, parents who have not previously baptized a child in this parish, and new godparents. We also meet with parishioners asked to be godmothers or godfathers of children to be baptized at other parishes. Extraordinary Form baptisms are on the second Sundays of the month, and Ordinary Form baptisms are on the third Saturdays, except during Lent; please call the secretary if you are interested in scheduling a baptism for your child. Alternatively, for your convenience, baptismal registration forms can be filled out online. Children who have attained the age of reason (generally at seven years old) need to be catechized before Baptism. Second through fourth graders prepare for this Sacrament in conjunction with Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Parents of children in upper grades and those with special needs should meet with the Director of Parish Education before registering for a First Communion Class.