Baptism Registration Form

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Date of Birth
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Requested date of baptism
Usually Baptisms are scheduled on Saturdays during the year at 11 am. Ordinary Form baptisms are regularly scheduled on the Third Saturday of each month and Extraordinary Form baptisms are regularly scheduled on the second Saturday of each month. During the season of Lent all baptisms are on the third Sunday of the month at 2:30pm. If a time outside of these is necessary one may be requested, but we cannot guarantee availability.
Liturgical Rite to be used *
Godparent Information
Requirements: 1. Godparents must be Catholic 2. Only one Godparent is required Requirements if not a Parishioner at Holy Rosary: 1. A letter from the pastor stating that he or she is a registered parishioner
Godfather's Name
Godfather's Name
Godmother's Name
Godmother's Name
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Name of Proxy
Name of Proxy
Please note that there is a suggested donation of at least $25 for each baptism.