Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation classes, taught by the Director of Parish Education, Janine Applegate, are offered for High School freshmen(sophomores and juniors are welcome, as well) on Sunday mornings as part of our K-12 Religious Education program. Students, who must have completed the ninth grade to register, are asked to provide their own copies of our text, The Catechism of the Catholic Church. CCD attendance during junior high, although not a prerequisite, is highly recommended. Although it is true that attitude is more indicative of readiness to receive the Sacrament than academic excellence, we strive to prepare our Confirmandi to defend their faith with not only heartfelt enthusiasm, but with intellectual integrity and sound doctrine, as well. To do this, we need the cooperation of parents. Students should have no more than two absences a semester; submit all assigned homework, which is generally given twice a month; complete two essays; take a benchmark test; pass the final exam; complete Caritas Credits (“service hours”); participate in the Mount Angel Lenten Retreat; and attend the Sponsor/Candidate dinner.  The Rite of Confirmation is administered in September of the academic year following instruction. Weekly Inquiry Classes are an excellent resource for adult Catholics interested in Confirmation. These evening sessions, led by our parish priests and Mrs. Applegate, provide not only an excellent introduction to the faith for inquirers, but a helpful“refresher course” for all adults interested in an in-depth overview of Catholic faith and practice. If you wish more information about our Confirmation program, please leave your name and contact number with the office and you will be called.